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Instagram Weighs Down On Weight Loss and Cosmetic Procedure Posts

Instagram weight loss
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Instagram has just introduced a new policy where under 18s will be blocked from seeing posts promoting ‘get thin quick’ products or cosmetic procedures. In addition, Instagram will also sometimes remove content like this aimed at younger teens with an incentive to buy or price attached. This new policy will also take effect on Facebook.

IG has a lot of influencers who keep promoting diet teas, supplements and weight loss surgery. This has raised concerns over the negative effects that such kind of messaging has on easily influenced young people.

The move has been a long time coming, helped in part by Jameela Jamil.

As a body-positive advocate, The Good Place actress has been very vocal both online and offline about some of the weight loss products promoted by influencers that may be harmful to buyers. In addition, she has publicly criticized celebrities like the Kardashians and Cardi B for promoting detox teas that don’t work.

In 2018, she started the ‘I Weigh’ campaign on IG that aims to correct the negative body image issues that Instagram influencers, and social media as a whole, cause people to have. Jameela has been working with Instagram for more than a year on this new policy that aims to make it a positive place for everyone.


Over the next few weeks, users will get a chance to report any Instagram post that they feel violates this policy. This will then be reviewed and appropriate action is taken. This is believed to be ‘a positive step in protecting people on Instagram’, according to the official press release.

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