Fortnite Season X: Week 8 ‘Storm Racer’ Challenges

Fortnite week 8

Season 10 is going on well so far for players and now Fortnite week 8 is here. The mission bundle for this week dubbed ‘storm racers’ will include 14 challenges- 7 regular and 7 prestige.

With the changing themes for each week, this week’s will be two-fold. This means it will have to do with the storm and speed. Additionally, though, it has to do with being up high so you can get a good view of the sky. So, as much as you have to gain health in the storm, you also need to visit high points like the volcano or telescopes perched high atop mountains.

A number of these challenges include damaging opponents as you glide, inflict fall damage or complete timed trials.


  • Gain health in the Storm (0/100)
  • Complete a lap of a race track (0/1)
  • Survive Storm phases (0/10)
  • Visit the centre of a storm circle (0/1)
  • Land on Polar Peak, a Volcano and a hilltop with a circle of trees (0/1)
  • Complete a time trial East of Pleasant Park or South West of Salty Springs (0/1)
  • Dance at different telescopes (0/3)


  • Damage an opponent in the Storm (0/1)
  • Damage gliding opponents (0/100)
  • Deal damage to opponents after the first circle closes (0/500)
  • Visit the centre of storm circles in a single match (0/3)
  • Deal any amount of fall damage to an opponent (0/1)
  • Complete a time trial North of Lucky Landing or East of Snobby Shores (0/1)
  • Dance at different telescopes in a single match (0/2)

If you’ve already forgotten though, you will need to complete the first bunch so as to unlock others. Also, you will need to complete all the Normal challenges before you activate the more difficult Prestige challenges.

Bonne chance!

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