Reports Indicate Samsung is Working On a Cheaper Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Image Courtesy PCMag

We’re yet to see the Samsung Galaxy Fold launch publicly, six months after the device was recalled from reviewers after a series of design malfunctions but we are already hearing of the next Samsung foldable smartphone.

While we still await the arrival of what was supposed to be Samsung’s biggest device this year, rumours surrounding the next foldable device have started gearing up. From the look of things, the rumours do not point to a Galaxy Fold 2 or a direct successor for that matter, instead, we’re getting a cheaper and smaller foldable device.

Bloomberg reports that the new Samsung Foldable device will launch next year and it will cost less than the hefty $1980 price tag that the Galaxy Fold comes with.

Another big change with the new foldable device is that it will be a “regular” shaped smartphone that will fold into a square. A design language that we’ve seen before on the upcoming Motorola RAZR.

Motorola RAZR mockups

Motorola RAZR foldable phone

The rumours also reveal that the new foldable device will feature a 6.7-inch display, which in comparison to the current Galaxy Fold’s 7.3″ display is pretty small and manageable.

There’s also a single punchole selfie camera on the display and a dual-camera setup on the outside of the device.

It is also reported that the display that Samsung plans to use on this new device is made of bendable glass instead of the flexible plastic display that is on the Galaxy Fold.

If these rumours are true, which they could be, then the new Samsung foldable device could be a more consumer-facing product as opposed to the Fold, which is simply an accessory for rich and a toy for reviewers to play with.

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