Fortnite Season X: Hero Mansion and Villain Hideout Locations

Fortnite blockbuster

The “Blockbuster” set of challenges for this week’s season X harkens back to season 4 of Fortnite: Battle RoyaleAnd so naturally, players will definitely have various throwback references in the majority of the challenges that they set out to complete.

This includes superheroes and supervillains that made the past season so unique. Among the numerous challenges, one particular will task players with locating a run down Hero mansion and a villain hideout (or as they call them, layer).

For the old folks, finding these locations will be a walkover. But for the newbies who never took part in season 4, this is how you can get the hideouts:

Fortnite week 5

Image: Epic Games

The run down hero mansion is located adjacent to Lonely Lodge, north of the desert biome.

Fortnite week 5 hero mansion

Credit: Epic/Erik Vain

At the same time, the abandoned villain hideout can be found northeast of Snobby Shores. This is south of the mountain where the haunted castle continues to crumble.

Fortnite week 5 villain hideout

Credit: Epic/Erik Vain

Luckily enough, players don’t have to go through the hustle of visiting both locations in a single match.

Given that they’re so far apart from each other, the easiest way to do so will be to land at one, get eliminated, then jump into another match and land at the other. Once that’s done, you’ll earn 10 Battle Stars and unlock another Blockbuster challenge.

Similar to other missions, there is also a prestige version of the challenge for players that wish to be part of more difficult missions.

You might escape them, but if you definitely want more cosmetic rewards, XP and Battle Stars, then have a go at them.

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