PES 2020 Mobile Version Set To Be Released In October

PES 2020
Image: PES Mobile

Mobile gaming has been dubbed by many stakeholders as the future of the industry. And with the numbers that this young phenomenon is claiming at the moment, it is kind of hard to argue against the facts. The global gaming market is currently reported to be worth $152 billion with 45% of that, $68.5 billion, being claimed by mobile games.

And with such figures, investors are clearly running from all directions to have a cut of the big pie that is mobile gaming. But it seems like Japanese video game maker, Konami, does not want to be left behind at all, with the promise of releasing the mobile version of the upcoming eFootball PES 2020 in October. The announcement came alongside the guarantee that the game will carry many of the features already announced for the PC and console versions.

This will include skilled players who will be able to deploy Finesse Dribble, an advanced technique that allows you to skirt past opponents. With Konami having renewed partnerships with some of the top European clubs, the mobile game is also set to exclusively feature teams like Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal and FC Bayern München alongside Italian champions, Juventus FC.

Moreover, the developer promises that it will feature a more finely-tuned ball system and more realistic defensive AI behaviour. Competitive players will also find themselves lucky enough to compete in the new Matchday online mode that will be released in December.

In the mode, PES 2020 will choose an important match or derby game each week, upon which players can then select a team and compete for a chance to win awards.

The demo of the game’s console versions has already proved to players that Konami is much better at coming up with a more realistic football gaming experience and even though they still lag behind in sales compared to EA’s FIFA, this year might very well prove to everyone that they are out to slay the giant.

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