These Things That Can Get You Banned On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp’s popularity has grown over the years and it has become one of the main communication mediums, especially in emerging markets.

While we love to use the platform to talk to our family and friends, send memes and get added to random groups we don’t appreciate, most users don’t really know the terms of usage of WhatsApp. This, however rare, has landed a few users in trouble, getting them temporary WhatsApp ban and in severe cases, permanent bans from the platform.

To help you keep your WhatsApp account safe from bans, we have curated a list of violations that can get you banned on WhatsApp:

  • Sending illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing or hateful messages
  • You’ll get banned on WhatsApp for sending messages promoting violent crimes
  • Impersonating someone, “creating fake accounts of another person”, can get you banned
  • Sending bulk messages to users who are not on your contact list will get you banned
  • Modifying WhatsApp code or reverse-engineering their app will get you banned
  • You are not allowed to send viruses or malware to other users through WhatsApp
  • You may lose your WhatsApp account if you try to hack WhatsApp servers or if you try to use WhatsApp to spy on someone
  • Using third-party WhatsApp agents such as GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus will get you banned from using the service
  • If you get blocked by a large number of people within a short period of time, WhatsApp will ban you
  • If your WhatsApp account gets reported and WhatsApp finds the complaints legit, your account will be banned

These are just but a few of the common violations that can get you kicked out of WhatsApp. For an in-depth list of terms and service, visit WhatsApp Legal Info page.

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