FIFA 20 Will Not Feature Juventus And Christiano Ronaldo


Konami, the creators of PES 2020 that is yet to be released will have an additional reason to brag of their licensing prowess after they made an official licensing agreement to the Italian champions Juventus FC. The agreement with Konami and eFootball PES 2020 means that the latest edition of the Pro Evo Series will be the only one to feature a fully licensed version of the Serie A side.

PES 2020 will be allowed to use the club name Juventus and its associated badge, jerseys and playing grounds. On the other hand, EA will be forced to resort to the less appealing, not to say fictitious, Piemonte Calcio club name alongside a custom badge. However, the company will still have the rights to the players’ likenesses and names.

But as this news continues to spread, all might not be well for EA as they immediately had a share value drop of 3.5%. For a less savvy individual, this may seem like inconsequential but puts Konami in a position to make a run for top dog. It may also seem like a further sign of EA’s continued decline or merely a hurdle in the publisher’s long history but the question might also be whether the counterpart will be able to maintain their positive arc.

The two gaming companies are known for their long-running rivalry for the title of the ultimate pro soccer simulator next to their back-and-forth routine of securing rights to various football teams only to lose them later on. This dates back to decades when one gains the licensing prowess and sales as the other falls out of favour. And it almost clearly seems that the licensing trophy that Konami is winning will be for their good this time around.


Source: Konami/PES 2020

You may wonder why but yes, landing these rights is vital to each of them since it always seems to keep players in what are basically iterations of the same game with a few choice improvements as well as new gameplay features. the recent years have seen EA trump over Konami especially after it secured the overwhelming majority of rights of teams and leagues with the icing being FIFA itself and Champions League.

But the underdog, Konami, has been working its way tirelessly in a bid to secure individual agreements with clubs bagging the likes of Arsenal, Barcelona and Inter-Milan. Will this new win get them more sales? Most probably. But will their gameplay get better? It could be a motivating factor but we’ll have to wait.

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