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Bitcoin Scam Victims Burn Down Mastermind’s House


The long silence from Bitcoin Wallet’s so-called CEO who turned out to be a master con artist seems to have made the scam victims’ patience run out as it has been reported that they marched down to his house and torched it.

The local fire control team were apparently called to urgently attend to a burning house that as it turns out, belongs to Sphelele “Sgumza” Mbatha¬†on Wednesday afternoon. This is after angry locals went there and did the deed.

An unidentified source reported that the furious mob decided to take justice in their own hands after the long unfruitful wait for a word from Mbatha.

Even though we do not advocate for this, it is reasonable to understand the pain from the victims considering huge amounts of money they had invested in the scam, only to lose in a snap.

To make it worse Mbatha, the founder of Bitcoin Wallet, had earlier spoken to Ladysmith Gazette saying that he had no money to give out to the clients. Moreover, the same outlet had reported two days ago that Mbatha had not been arrested despite the strong allegations, contrary to the rumours on social media.

How all this will finally be at the end and what actions the necessary authorities will take, is still not known, but all this goes a long way to warn everyone who is a potential investor and user in the crypto world to be extra cautious with the assets they choose to fund, no matter the amount.

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