Samsung Might Be Working On A Rollable Phone


We were so close to having the next generation of smartphone form factors with the Galaxy Fold but with the durability issues that infested the device days after its release to tech journalists, the future seemed blurry especially for Samsung since not even its release date is known yet. This made many shift their focus to their rival’s Huawei Mate X whose difference in design has almost revived hopes for the flexible displays.

This has, however, not stopped the South Korean giant from dreaming again as speculation is that another whole new form factor is in the works according to a patent discovered by Let’s Go Digital, showing off a rollable phone.

Yes, you read that right. The patent reveals a smartphone that may initially appear as a normal phone but is actually hiding a rollable display on the inside with the top section housing the selfie camera and earpiece being somewhat extended outward from the phone which could mean a crazy aspect ratio.

The extended screen is then rolled back when not in use all the way to the bottom of the device. It does seem quite awesome but one con from this display is that it appears as a rather lopsided design with the bottom being much thicker when the screen is rolled in. Some have even gone ahead to nickname it “the wedge” and it’s not hard to see why.

rollable phone

Image Source: Let’s Go Digital


Many would still argue that it’s impossible to see the advantages brought with a really long screen. This is considering that it’s not yet even known whether feedback on foldable phones like the Mate X, whose benefits are straightforward, will be positive or otherwise.

Others would, however, defend it considering the patent for the device was released in November last year, way before we even got a glimpse of Galaxy Fold’s concept. So it would seem reasonable that Samsung kept this under lock and key as a sort of back up to the Galaxy Fold’s unfortunate delay.

But let’s all keep in mind that this is just a patent and the manufacture and release of such a device is still in question. Of course, a rollable display is not impossible to bring to life considering Samsung is a huge company that many tend to call the “chief of innovation”.

So it would seem possible to imagine a huge group of researchers and engineers sitting to deliberate on such a form factor. It would be appreciated if they changed the design though.

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