Google Photos Gets Dark Mode on Android Pie

Image Courtesy: Android Central

We all initially thought that only users on the Android Q beta program would be the ones lucky enough to get more and more of their Google apps with a dark theme option. But it now seems that Google doesn’t have the patience to wait till the release of their new Android version to give apps like Google Photos a dark mode.¬† Some of the users of non-Android Q devices have already started moving to the “dark side” with this app and this may be a sign of this update rolling out to all others as well.

With users of Samsung and OnePlus devices already reporting of seeing this dark theme, many are reporting that it respects the Developer option in settings, with no toggle in Photos to manually enable/disable. Such a situation had also been seen with Google Drive but is only available with Android Q.


Image Courtesy: Droid Life

Similar to other apps receiving this update of late, however, the theme is adopting more of a dark grey background rather than a full black one. This might be something others have not been satisfied with as they expected this mode to come also in a pitch-black option like Telegram. This might also be seen with apps like Twitter that have shunned away from a “completely dark” dark mode and opting to have a dark blue. It then gets some users to question the need for calling it a dark mode. It is reasonable though to note that the darker the theme, the more appealing and visible contents may actually be.

Aside from that, the Google Photos dark theme is rolling out as a server-side update with the latest version of the app and while it is not yet widely available, we’ll have to wait for the full-on roll out.

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