Turns Out People Actually Like Using Google Messages

Android Messages
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iPhone users find themselves lucky to be using some of the most efficient apps like their iMessage app. Well, many of us now are aware of the fight that Apple’s rival, Google is putting up by year-on-year trying to improve Android and make it efficient enough for users as they can.

It may take time before they ever get to be at par with iOS but the improvement has been noticed especially if you have been updating your Android versions from time to time. The updates of this system include their messaging app that acts now as a replacement to Google Hangouts that was totally shut down.

Google Messages

This has been done mostly by pumping in many advanced features like a dark mode, RCS support, a web interface and context-aware recommendations (which I kind of dig). This among other reasons has made this app be one of the most installed apps in the Play Store ranking it among the most popular communication apps used by Android users as per reports by App Annie.

If you have the app installed, you should now know that you are one of the 500 million+ users that have it in their smartphones. This is considering the fact that different manufacturers tend to have their own pre-installed messaging apps instead of Google’s. Only users of the stock Android on Android One devices like Nokia get to have it pre-installed. This means that even those of different smartphones have chosen to replace their original SMS apps with Google’s own, that should make Google feel quite good about themselves.

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