U.S. Trade Wars Against Huawei Bite Back On Apple

huawei vs apple
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The US government has unleashed an official war against Huawei citing national security concerns. The Trump administration had earlier on banned US telcos from using Huawei’s equipment and later on followed up with an executive order that saw Huawei get banned from buying US Technology without prior government approval.

While the battle seems to be between Huawei and the US, the latter who accuses Huawei of using their technologies to spy on Americans and share information with the Chinese government, the people of China have decided to take matters into their own hands.

“I feel guilty watching the trade war. Once I have money I will change my smartphone,” wrote an iPhone user on Weibo where there’s a growing call to boycott Apple products, reports BuzzFeed News.

Chinese consumers have shown their preference for Huawei over Apple on their platform with certain users claiming that Huawei smartphone’s function is comparable to iPhones or even better, “The functions in Huawei are comparable to Apple iPhones or even better. We have such a good smartphone alternative, why are we still using Apple?” he writes.

Unfortunately for Apple that is being dragged into a war, it had nothing to do with, it is not just the consumers teaming up against it but corporates as well. Reports indicate that back in December 2018, a number of companies threatened to lay off employees who were using Apple products – in a measure to encourage the employees to switch from Apple products, these companies were said to offer subsidies on Huawei product for any employee who switches from an iPhone.

In this trade war that seems to just be setting off, Apple will most likely be hit by the stray bullet. Huawei’s smartphone sales have been on an upward growth while Apple’s numbers, especially in China, have been taking a hit –  so bad that the company was offering discounts on their products for the first time in history.

If these trade wars between Huawei and the US are not resolved, Apple might have to take drastic measures to separate itself from its home government lest it bites the dust.

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