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Twitter Also Thinking of Hiding Number of Likes On Posts


It is a norm for the world of social media to determine the most popular posts through the number of likes it gets and in particular the most common platforms that do that are Instagram and Twitter. But now it does seem like the two networks are highly considering to get rid of that element.

This had been brought up earlier by Instagram that has been testing out the scenario where users can’t see the number of likes that posts on their feeds get. Well, it now seems like Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter has the same thing in mind as he has admitted to the same test by his platform.

Many will debate with this but the reasons for this change may turn out as reasonable for others who tend to get pressure from seeing how popular other people’s posts are compared to their own.

Jack Dorsey himself has in fact admitted that the idea of likes being seen on the platform was an idea he now regrets. This may be because the number of likes on any platform removes the focus from the main content. He has also noted that another big mistake was the attention brought to the number of followers an account has. Does this mean he thinks of getting rid of this too? Maybe. Will this cause more stir with users? Most likely, especially for those who want their popularity constantly displayed.

But to consider the fact that there have been studies that show people have certain emotional responses to their comments being liked or not liked, people have also been shown to like posts that have already received a large number of likes. The people who are in charge of these social media platforms may want to make the pressure created by likes a thing of the past.

Now, this will be a question of whether those people are just jealous but it’s all up to what the folks and Instagram and Twitter decide after all. But do not get confused; whether this feature is there or not, users will still be able to like posts. And yes, neither Twitter or Instagram have made this immediately official to get rid of the like count. It is just in the phasing test now.

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