The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been out to reviewers for like two days now and issues have already started rising up from everywhere. I will not say “I told you so” but yes, it is hugely related to the new generation screen.

I will have to admit, that after a couple of first impression reviews, I was almost sold into the idea that this might actually work perfectly. Many of us were just worried about the crease while others never even minded, putting into consideration that anything that bends will eventually have to show some negative effects.

Even Samsung tried their best to make sure that the consumer has the best experience with the device by testing them out almost immediately after their presentation. On that, I will have to give them a thumbs up for showing their resilience in trying to make this next generation idea work.

Apparently, it seems they did not test out everything or even make every information and caution clear before distributing them. The Galaxy Fold does come with a delicate strip of plastic that goes over the inner display. According to the reviewers who have had it so far, this strip can separate from the screen and appear removable, tempting some of them to actually remove it.

Almost immediately, issues began as some of them went black instantly while others had half of the display blackout or even bleed out to the other half leaving an ugly view. It is not entirely clear whether the screen breaking was caused by the strip removal since some have even started breaking with the strip still on.

Samsug Galaxy Fold Failure

Image Courtesy MKBHD

The question about whether it is a software or hardware issue may be out there but the main question in my mind is why it is even happening? Samsung just responded with a guarantee that they are investigating the main cause of these issues with even the broken phones getting ample replacements for effective review (Nice work, Samsung). But what does this mean for the device?

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Some reviewers have actually claimed that the warning about the strip comes on the packaging but who even reads the box surely? They should have given this warning within the software maybe and made it clearer for people to be sure of what they are getting into. But one major issue is why the strip is somehow separating as reported with some units. With tech journalists, that would not be a big issue but how about when it finally gets to the final user’s hands. I can only imagine the disaster that would have occurred.

With the rise of these issues comes the question of whether Samsung should hold off a little before releasing the devices to consumers. Well, Samsung seems pretty intentional on having the phones out on April 26th and I will have to say that I’m generally scared for those individuals who part with their Ksh. 200,000.

Foldable Smartphones

Is this too much ambition, not just for Samsung but other companies with their foldable phones in the works? It actually makes me curious to see what will happen with the Huawei Mate X that has their main display folding outwards. At this point, I will admit I am jealous of Apple who has kept silent on what their plans are.

Samsung concentrated too much on the crease appearing that they did not even bother on having other major aspects of the phone comprehensively tested out. Let’s even say the phones come out as fine for the users, how durable will that be and if issues come up, how effective will their customer service be? I think they should just bring a little more than the 100 pieces coming to Kenya because they might need some replacements. I just wish they would hold them back and work on them taking their good time. No one minds that, as long as they come out completely fine in the end.

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