Samsung vs Huawei – Who’s The Most Flexible of Them All


Well, it seems to be a quite aggressive gunfight in the tech industry and generally innovative as these two Asian giants are clearly going head-on at each other on bringing up the best phone with a flexible display.

Huawei, who was kind of viewed as an underdog proved to be a sleeping giant as they shocked us with the new Mate X weeks ago in Spain. This was just days after Samsung had released their own foldable device, in the hopes that they would live up to their reputation of becoming the “chief of innovation”.

Mate X reviews, immediately after its announcement, were obviously sweeping off Galaxy Fold’s impressions as Huawei’ engineers had seemed to work on much finer detail on their flagship. This included the more vibrant display, thinness among other features to try and make it the most efficient.

But now Samsung has received the battle cry loud and clear and have announced to present two more new foldable devices alongside the Galaxy Fold. You may ask why am I not including other companies that have introduced their innovations but come on, the battle is clearly between these two… for now. I can confidently say that with Samsung being known to be a leader when it comes to display technology, proved by the S10 smartphones, they ran into a bit of a bummer with the Galaxy Fold and Huawei beat them to the punch (prove me wrong).

Nevertheless, the first battle may have been won but the war is not over at all. According to reports, one of the new phones by Samsung will have a large screen that now wraps outside, similar to the Mate X while the other is said to be vertically-oriented with a smaller external display. The former design is allegedly set to be released in late 2019 or early 2020 with the latter following.

Samsung has still not given up with their Galaxy Fold as they are apparently working on its efficiency with the foldability and reduce chances of the device developing a crease at the middle. It’s even rumoured that the company is considering to offer free screen replacements for the device. It’s clear that the Galaxy Fold has also disappointed its creators. But what are they likely to bring to the table as redemption for this new error (read era)?

Let the tech games proceed!

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