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Windows To Introduce Text Extraction From Images on Android

Windows To Introduce Text Extraction From Images on Android

Users will soon be able to select and copy text from their Android phones using Windows.

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The upcoming version of Microsoft Phone Link, as reported by The Verge, will allow users to extract text from Android photos. This feature is currently available in the Release Preview Insider builds and will be available to everyone in the near future.

Last year, the Windows Snipping Tool received text extraction capabilities while Phone Link received image sharing notifications. This update allows users to extract text from phone photos using the Snipping Tool. Currently, this feature is only available on Phone Link 1.24051.91.0.

Phone Link, also known as Link to Windows on phone, enables you to link your Android phone to your Windows computer. This connection lets you view and respond to messages and check notifications on your computer. Additionally, it lets users transfer photos between their phone and computer and mirror their entire phone screen on their computer. However, iPhone users have limited functionality, and the connection uses Bluetooth instead of a direct connection.

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