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We have seen people replicate objects from their regular sizes to miniature designs, something that is both iconic and timeless, but it is a rare thing to the point you can almost count what designs have been morphed. But someone finally decided to do this to a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, an idea that has surprisingly worked.

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Paul Klinger decided to create the ThinkTiny, a gaming laptop that mimics the ThinkPad and uses the iconic red TrackPoint nub as a joystick for classic arcade games like SnakeTetris, and Lunar Lander.

The device features a 128 x 64 OLED screen that runs on an ATtiny1614 microchip all housed in a 3D-printed case that’s complete with a glowing “Think” logo. With the microcontroller, the ThinkTiny is woefully underpowered for running productivity apps like MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Instead, Klinger designed for low-end gaming apps to play on its OLED display.

Reportedly, the laptop’s creator has no intention of selling it which is understandable considering the toy’s production time. This also after you consider the lawsuits that he could receive from the original laptop’s makers, Lenovo.

For anyone who may want to make it themselves however, Klinger has been generous enough post the entire code and design files on his GitHub page. The code can also be used to build a TinyPC, a gaming PC that runs most of the same games as the ThinkTiny, plus one extra Breakout game. This one lights up and changes colours as the games get harder.

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