KPLC Prepaid Token Failure: Why You Can’t Buy Tokens Today

KPLC Electricity Bill Mpesa Tokens

If you have been trying to buy Tokens from KPLC and you’re having issues, you are not alone. The Kenya Power & Lighting Company has today reported issues within their prepaid token system. This disruption is causing inconvenience for many and Kenya Power have offered their apologies for any inconvenience caused.

KPLC Tokens: A Prepaid System Glitch

Kenya Power released a notice addressing the situation. They state that they are currently grappling with technical issues affecting the generation of electricity tokens. Despite the temporary setback, Kenya Power is making earnest efforts to rectify the situation.

The company has assured its customers that they are diligently working towards restoring normalcy in the system. Unfortunately, the exact duration of the disruption remains uncertain.

Scheduled Outages

In addition to the prepaid system glitch, Kenya Power has also announced scheduled outages in certain regions. Maintenance work is the primary reason behind these power interruptions, which are planned to occur on Thursday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. This temporary blackout will affect residents in several counties, including:

Makueni County

  • Kathonzweni, Makueni Boys and Girls’
  • Governor’s offices
  • Wote Huduma Center
  • County Assembly
  • Wote Technical Training Institution
  • Nyunzu
  • ENI Kenya Malavani
  • Unoa S/Center
  • Sinai
  • Kwa Kathoka, and adjacent areas.

Mombasa Road

  • Sultan Town
  • Sultan Police
  • Holy Ghost Schools
  • Kalimbini
  • Nokomis
  • Salama
  • Enzai
  • Kima
  • Kiu
  • Kavatanzou
  • Kiongwani
  • Kwothithu

West Pokot County

  • Ortum
  • Sina
  • Marich Pass
  • Lomut
  • Sarmach
  • Kainuk
  • Sigor
  • And adjacent areas

Kisumu County

  • Masogo
  • Nyakoko
  • Amilo
  • Kasongo
  • Onyalobiro
  • Ombeyi
  • Ruutek
  • Kambara
  • Chemursoi
  • Kabar
  • Kadongo
  • Kolal
  • Keyo
  • Wagogni
  • Ramula
  • And adjacent areas

While these scheduled outages may inconvenience some residents, they are necessary to facilitate maintenance and infrastructure improvements, ultimately ensuring a more reliable power supply in the long term.

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