Keep The Lights On: These Are The Scariest Video Games Ever

scary video game

This one goes out to the normal-than-usual game enthusiasts and lovers of extremity. If you want to experience something similar to one of Stephen King’s horror series, then get your Consoles and PC ready for some of the most fear-inspiring games of all time. Some of the game developers insist you play with discretion, how careful can you really be? Well, try to keep your lights, door locked, and a mildly rocky soundtrack playing in the background. Now, let’s get gory.



Do you have a knack for unearthing secrets and solving mysteries? This game’s probably something you should check out. On Outlast, you will be investigating the creepy depths of an overrun psychiatric hospital. The setting is no ordinary healthcare centre, as it is swamped by hosts of gruesome spirits and stacks upon stacks of dead bodies.

But that’s not even what makes this game exceptionally frightening. What poses a huge threat to your comfort is the endless massacre included in breathtaking chase sequences that will make you check under your bed every five minutes. The jump scares could be cheap, but they will get those goose pimples alive. And, all you have to depend on is the risky night vision on a camcorder.

Silent Hill 2


My Silent Hill 2 sessions in the dead of night do not last 30 minutes. It’s pretty much agreeable that to be scared of a game, movie or TV show is one of the dumbest things ever. And, for you to want to point that out, you’re super brave. But, when you play the original Silent Hill, you would understand that not even the most fearless people can last 1 hour playing this game in silent nights.

The opening scenes are enough to pluck you off from your seat and dump you right in the scaredy zone. When the little ghastly ghost thing with knives bumble around a fading screen, you’d know you’re in for a fear factor.  This is probably not the most horror game one can play, but the journey will surely tweak your heartbeat for some moments.

Dead Space

dead space

Anything that starts with the phrase “dead” cannot be good, except you are trying to sound cool and off the top. The terror associated with Dead Space is achieved by bloodcurdling designs and unpredictable nature. Of course, when we say “dead”, we are definitely talking about zombies.

Perhaps all the “walking corpse” games you have played say you should be fastidious about headshots. But the guys in this spooky gameplay do not go down with a bullet to the brain. Their skulls are just so thick you would almost want to find a way to grenade the contents out. Sometimes, their heads are not even where they’re supposed to be – so good luck being a sharpshooter. Dead Space also has a strategic dismemberment system that lets players rip enemies apart in disturbingly creative ways. But what do you do when the zombies do not have limbs?

Alien: Isolation

alien isolation

There are some well-worn ground of power fantasy video games that give players some set of unique skills to master in order to be one step ahead of their enemies. Alien: Isolation, however, takes it to a whole new level. Not only are they flipping the script, but also freaking the hell out of people in the process. Despite the fact that she’s Ellen’s daughter, Amanda Ripley isn’t blessed with what it takes to put down a xenomorph.

When the eerie search drone zeros in, the best you can do for this character is run like a wild cow, find the perfect hiding spot and pray the extraterrestrial predator does not find its prey. Everything that happens in-between is totally terrifying. Each encounter is unpredictable, and the ceaseless tension created by the cat-and-mouse gameplay is off the charts.

Resident Evil

resident evil

After I had my first encounter with Resident Evil, I wanted other people to experience the gore too. At the time, horror games were quite hair-raising, unsettling and dabbled in carnage, but they significantly lacked suspense. Everything changed when Resident Evil came. When you are playing the game alone at home, and a dog suddenly jumps in through a window, you can jump out of your seat. (

Some people scream pitches they never knew they could hit. This video game comes with an unusual kind of uncertainty. Not knowing what could happen at any point in the game will reestablish in your mind all through the journey. In the gaming space, Resident Evil is known as the Rise of the Zombies. But it should be given credit for its ability to pour your popcorn on the floor.

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