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How To Go Viral On Twitter: Step 1: Predict The Future

Go Viral Twitter

I’ve seen posts on Twitter where people somehow guess exactly what happens before anything is publicly announced and go viral. Now, I want to believe that unless you are a time traveller, there is no way someone can guess everything down to precise details. However, every day, there are tweets that plant a seed of belief in the possibility of time travellers.

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Tweets That Have ‘Predicted The Future’

In 2017, this tweet caught my eye.

Apparently, it was published 7 months before the announcement. Weird right? But I did not think too much about it. I said to myself that it was just a celebrity, probably just leaked gossip early on in her pregnancy. Skip.

Fast forward to 2022 when this guy predicted the demise of the most royal of royals. Now I knew this would have been a hush-hush private VIP story. I said this has to be a time traveller right? Then I caught myself. No, it’s 2022. He probably has a way to change the dates of his tweets.

So casually I jump in and conduct some research. I was surprised to find that changing your publish dates is almost impossible. I was spiralling until Liv came to my rescue with a valid point.

She argues that spam accounts make hundreds of predictions and when they get one right, they clear their accounts and keep the winning predictions. This makes it look like they are from the future and gives them their 15 mins of fame.

How Can You Go Viral On Twitter

With this evidence, I was back to square one asking myself one question. Can someone really go viral for predicting the future accurately? 2 years later and I think I have my answer.

This tweet from Thiago has it all. It was posted way before the game, and he predicted the game, the scorer and the exact time! And on the day of, it all came true.

On further investigation, it looks like this is just a regular everyday Manchester United Fan. They casually tweet about their team and other events just like anyone else would. This looks to have been pure luck and belief in the fact that Antony would score against Nottingham Forest.

So the trick is simple if you tweet about it enough times and believe so much that it will happen, you could also go viral.

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