Samsung Unveils New Updates for Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung-Galaxy Buds2 pro

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has made a significant announcement today. They are introducing software upgrades for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Samsung Smart TVs. These updates mark a transformative step in enhancing audio experiences across a wider range of connected devices.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Updates!

Enhancing Audio with LE Audio Standard

The latest software updates extend LE Audio capabilities to Samsung TVs through the innovative Auracast broadcast audio technology. This advancement enables high-quality and intricate audio transmission to nearby Bluetooth devices.

LE Audio, an advanced Bluetooth audio standard, takes audio experiences to the next level. LE Audio delivers more complex and richer sound. Beyond Improving music quality, it allows users to share sound with others in a personal manner, truly enhancing the listening experience.


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Pioneering Sound Innovation

Samsung, known for its innovative technologies, is at the forefront of integrating new LE Audio features. One notable feature is the 360 Audio Recording. It lets Galaxy smartphone users capture sound on video exactly as they perceive it. Hopefully this will eliminate the need for professional recording equipment. Additionally, select Galaxy Book devices offer a crystal-clear listening experience with improved latency. This is mostly ideal for immersive gaming and multimedia consumption.

Expanding Connectivity and Experience

With the introduction of Auracast broadcast audio technology for Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED 8K and 2023 MICRO LED TVs via software updates commencing this September, Samsung is once again raising the bar for connected experiences.

Auracast transforms users’ devices into shared radio stations, capable of broadcasting across connected devices. This integration of LE Audio allows users to connect multiple sets of Buds to a TV. Auracast unlocks numerous potential applications, from augmented listening experiences in theaters or lecture halls to sharing playlists during a run with friends or even facilitating multi-language support without the need for translation devices.

A Visionary Approach to Seamless Connectivity

As a leader in the electronics industry, Samsung stands uniquely positioned to deliver seamless and extended experiences across a diverse range of electronic devices, from smartphones and wearables to TVs and home appliances.

LE Audio exemplifies Samsung’s dedication to connected experiences across their vast array of devices, showcasing how Samsung continuously introduces new capabilities and technologies that unite them all.

Connecting Devices, Enriching Lives

The introduction of the Auracast feature is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to connecting devices and services, providing users with novel and immersive experiences that redefine how we interact with technology.

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