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The Influence of Technology on Modern Game Strategies and Tactics

The Influence of Technology on Modern Game Strategies and Tactics - Partner Content

Technology has drastically reinvented almost every aspect of the way we live our lives, from smart homes to social media marketing to medical uses of AI and VR. Some of these will have a fundamental impact on humanity, while others might not be so profound but still have a significant impact on how we live our lives and spend our time. 

Gaming is an area that undoubtedly falls into the latter category. It probably won’t change history, but as a leisure activity, it generates more revenue than movies and music put together, so it certainly affects our lives.

Of course, there are games, and there are games. Different genres have different strategic angles that are affected differently by innovative gaming technology. Have a look at a couple of examples, and you will see what we mean.

RPG game strategies

RPG games like the Final Fantasy series, Elden Ring and World of Warcraft are among the most popular titles of them all. 

We need only to compare the graphics, sounds and game physics from across the years to see how RPG games have evolved. In fact, given that the first game launched in 1990 and the most recent in 2023, Final Fantasy serves as a microcosm of the entire genre. Players now have far more nuanced information coming in from multiple in-game sources. This, in turn, provides the opportunity for a variety of strategic approaches, such as bold or cautious, depending on how they choose to approach the game.  

Online casino gaming strategies

As gaming has become more popular, it has found a wider audience with older participants who do not fit the conventional “gamer” demographic. Casino games have always been a popular choice for sophisticated adults with a sense of fun and adventure, but not everyone lives within easy reach of Las Vegas, Sun City or Monte Carlo. Online platforms make casino gaming accessible to all. 

There are all sorts of strategic aspects to casino gaming that have developed in the online age, the first of which concerns which casino to choose. This depends on a whole array of factors, including the type of games on offer, the payment methods that are available and any special deals or promos that are on offer. Fortunately, there is excellent impartial support out there. For example, many US players will routinely check the comprehensive review from before signing up with a particular online casino platform.

There are also different strategies that have emerged for different online casino games. Slots are the most wide-ranging category, and there are so many tips and hints related to different titles it would be impossible to even scratch the surface here. In general, though, players are far more savvy about technical metrics like volatility and payout percentage than they used to be, and they factor these into their strategies instead of just hoping for the best.

Video poker is another massively popular game. It also happens to be the one game in which players can have an edge over the casino – but only if they play the perfect strategy on specific variations of the game. Years ago, it would have been almost impossible, but in this age of free practice apps, advantage play is now at least theoretically possible if you really invest time and effort into your strategy.

First Person Shooter player strategies

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

eSport has pushed First Person Shooter games into the big time, says former pro gamer Andreas “Masakari” Mamerow. But this is actually a genre that was around long before Valorant, CS: GO and Medal of Honor. Games like Midi Maze and Hovertank 3D were classics that would influence everything to come. 

Even in a game like Medal of Honor, we can track progress through the game’s 24-year history, much as we did with Final Fantasy earlier. We have the more nuanced gameplay that was observed in the RPGs, but for FPS, a lot of strategy now goes into the peripherals that players use in the hope of gaining an edge. For example, players use extra sensitive controllers, next-gen headsets and even tailored gaming chairs to give themselves an edge. 

Also, FPS players with aspirations to make it in iGaming do not hesitate to reach out to others by live streaming their games to obtain feedback from the wider gaming community. 

Broader Mobile Gaming Strategies

As a platform rather than a genre, any one of the above could be a mobile game. But given that mobile gaming now generates more than 50 per cent of global gaming revenue, we must at least take a moment to consider general strategies used by mobile gamers.

One of the most obvious technological advances has been speed. African Business recently explored how 5G has reduced lag to a minimum, making it more practical to outwit opponents with physical strategies centring around dexterity.

Also, larger screens and better touchscreen technology make it more worthwhile for players to focus on accuracy and nuance as opposed to big, bold moves. 

Feature image by Maxime Doré on Unsplash

DISCLAIMER: This article is a partnered post and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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  1. These players use extra sensitive controllers, next-gen headsets and even tailored gaming chairs to give themselves an edge, play cookie clicker game.

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