How To Watch KTN, NTV, KBC, CITIZEN, K24 Live on Your Phone

Live Stream

You’re on the go or in the office and you don’t want to miss the breaking news. WhatsApp groups get you the details and Twitter gets you the facts. Now you want to see the action. That’s when you decide to watch KBC or Citizen Live on your phone.

The digital migration has taken huge strides in Kenya and the ability to have local content on-demand is definitely a step in the right direction. You can now stream your favourite channel right from the comfort of wherever you are. They have provided streaming sites and are also posting the content on Youtube as well.

Here are the links to all the streaming sites.

Watch KTN, NTV, KBC, CITIZEN, K24 Live on Your Phone

Kenya Moja is a website that puts together all Kenyan local channels under one roof. The site holds up to 13 streaming links for local channels in Kenya. You can also get your favourite radio station here as well.

KTN Live Stream

Unfortunately, you can’t stream KTN Home from YouTube anymore. You’ll have to use either:

  1. Their official site, The Standard
  2. A third party site, Daily motion. 

NTV Live Stream

  1. Official site, NTV Live.
  2. Youtube Channel: NTV Kenya Livestream


  1. Official site, Citizen 
  2. Youtube Channel:  Livestream

Why Would You Live Stream?

Maybe you don’t want to miss your favourite show or presenter. Or maybe there’s a repeat you want to catch and that’s the only time you can get it. So you might as well take a seat and stream that show.

What do you stream?

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  1. Check out it has got almost all tv channels, with indicator when it is live

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