Samsung Just Dropped The Best Phone Ad I’ve Ever Seen. (Full Video)


It’s 2023 and every day we are reminded that our creativity is only limited to our mind’s openness. Flip phones for instance are not a new thing and Samsung have shot its best ad to reimagine that concept. The reimagine begins with their ads and as a fan of horror/thrillers, this is a different take on advertising. In their recent film, Join the Flip Side season 2 they tao into our fear of missing out and enhances the need (craving if you will) for the flip side of life. It also includes teasers for the next generation of Galaxy devices expected to launch later this month at Galaxy Unpacked 2023. Check it out here!


Building on the first ‘Join the flip side’ video released last September, the new campaign video continues the campaign theme. The aim of the video is to calling on people to lean in to their fascination with innovation. In a fun and playful way, the videos showcase the unique ways you can use foldables. Moreover, how they challenge everything consumers know about an ordinary smartphone.

The new campaign video highlights the barriers people face when they consider stepping away from the status quo. All despite seeing the compelling benefits on the other side. Through the campaign, Samsung invites consumers to defy the norm and enjoy new and unique experiences on the flip side.

“The flip side itself is about more than just a device it’s a way of thinking. A way of living. It’s a new and open world where better experiences are waiting for those willing to step beyond the boundaries of convention and try something new,” said Sonia Chang, Vice President of Brand Marketing Group of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “With the Galaxy Z series, Samsung provides innovation that defies the norms, redefining what a smartphone can do and stepping beyond conventional boundaries to open a new world of experiences.”

Check out the video below to view the new ‘Join the flip side’ season 2 video and stay tuned to see how Samsung pushes the boundaries of innovation with the most carefully designed mobile experiences yet at Galaxy Unpacked 2023 on July 26 at 8:00 p.m. KST/ 1:00 p.m. CAT live on Samsung Newsroom.

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