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Last year, Kodris Africa partnered with Safaricom to provide coding lessons right within the M-PESA APP. Kodris Africa is an online publishing firm that specializes in equipping learners with 21st-century skills.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) approved the Kodris coding content for primary and secondary school syllabuses. Pearson, the largest education institution in the world, also accredited the program.

It is a special milestone since this is the first coding syllabus in Kenya and Africa at large. Coding involves translating instructions for a computer from human language to a language a machine/computer can understand.

Technologies that we rely on, such as smartphones, ATM cards, mobile money, Internet banking, e-learning, and telemedicine, all run on codes.

Kodris Africa Coding on M-PESA App

Now, you can find some of these coding lessons from Kodris easily on your phone. The program comprises different tasks and their accompanying lesson guides, tailored for all primary and secondary school grades.

Learners and schools interested in taking the coding classes offered by Kodris Africa can purchase tokens that will provide a year’s worth of coding lessons through the M-PESA App. The lessons are embedded within a Kodris Africa mini-program in the M-PESA Super App.

When a user opens the website, Kodris uses block mode where you can be able to create algorithms using the blocks. It is great for younger learners because of its drag-and-drop function. The other learning method enables text-based coding under the syntax rules of the programming language.

Log in to your M-PESA APP, try it out, and let us know how that went.

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