Exploitation or Social Good? Monetizing Charity Content

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It is Mr. Beasts’s world, and we are all living in it. If you are not aware of who Mr. Beast is, maybe pause this article and have a quick look at his YouTube channel. Apart from doing crazy challenges, Mr. Beast is a self-proclaimed philanthropist, who films his over-the-top acts of charity to random people on a regular.

In recent years, social media has become a powerful tool for individuals and organizations to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes. However, whether it’s ethical to monetize charity content remains a topic of debate.

Exploitation or Social Good? Monetizing Charity Content

On one hand, monetizing charity content can generate significant revenue that supports the charity’s efforts. Additionally, it can also help to raise awareness for the cause, potentially reaching a larger audience. A prime example is a lady by the name Mama Street Kids, who was the conversation of a few netizens on Twitter last week.

While it’s admirable that the Kenyan woman is feeding the street families in Nakuru, it raises ethical questions when it becomes apparent that she’s monetizing the experience. Currently, she has amassed hundreds of subscribers on social media and millions of likes on TikTok. Profiting from their misfortune could come across as exploitative.

Here is what a few Kenyans had to say:

In the case of Mr. Beast, he has been transparent about his intentions, frequently showcasing the donations he makes to various causes. He launched an NPO, Team Trees, which raised over $20 million for tree-planting efforts.

Last year, Mr. Beast paid for thousands of visually impaired people to receive surgery including some in Kenya. His success shows it can be possible to monetize charity content while still maintaining integrity and making a positive impact. How true that is, only the creators would really know.

What’s your take? Is it merely a ploy to generate more views and revenue, or is there social good?

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