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Digital Tv VS Smart TV: Kuna Tofauti?

Smart Tv- Digital TV
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Home tech has grown quite fast in a really short time most especially TVs. We all want a good bright shiny and well-functioning TV at home but what to get is the big question. Kenyans, in particular, are not really known for lavishing over gadgets, so we tend to run for the “economical” options.

The Difference Between A Digital TV And Smart TV

One would desire to have a smart TV running on Android right now but because of the prices, you go for a “digital TV. But what is the difference? Many tend to categorise all modern tech right now as “digital” but that’s not the case when it comes to TV really.

Digital TVs are mainly those that have a pre-installed decoder service to access your favourite channels. This is without the hassle of paying for monthly subscriptions of course which is a really good thing. But there could be something better and more futuristic than that. This is where smart TV comes in.

Smart TV

A smart TV is simply a hybrid between a TV and a computer that can readily access the internet and have apps installed without the need for an external device. For this, they often come with a web browser of the manufacturer’s choice so you can easily download streaming apps like Netflix, Showmax among more.

However, you can also access the internet with a digital TV. All you will have to do is get yourself an authentic TV box or firestick and make sure you have a stable internet connection. These devices range from brands like Google, Apple, Amazon, Roku and more that you can get in retail or online stores.

Amazon Firestick- digital TV

An Amazon Firestick. Image courtesy Techradar


This may vary within brands as well but some smart TVs also come with a touchscreen and AI functionality which digital TVs don’t have. With the availability of an OS like Android, the TV tends to function like your smartphone would with letting you control either directly on the screen or through a voice assistant like Google Assistant or Alexa.

This lets you easily navigate through apps say moving from YouTube to Netflix. The voice assistant, of course, is best under a stable WiFi connection like any other smart device. This, unfortunately, is not available on a digital TV since it does not run on any OS like Android.

Obviously, there are numerous other differences in how the two kinds of TVs function but these are the foundations that bring in every other difference.

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