Top Kenyan Movies and Series to Watch on Netflix this Weekend

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Are you looking for something exciting to watch this weekend? As a film enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for the best Kenyan content on streaming platforms. Therefore, here is a list of my suggested Top Kenyan Series and Movies you can try to check out on Netflix this weekend.

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Tell me what you think once you watch any or all!

Top Kenyan Movies and Series on Netflix

Country Queen

This is the first Kenyan licensed Branded Series by Netflix. Set in contemporary Kenya, it is a family drama series that tells the story of ordinary Kenyans fighting against corporate power. The series focuses on the issues of land grabbing and exploitation, and how these impact the lives and relationships of the characters and communities.

MTV Shuga: Love, Sex and Money

Young friends in Kenya navigate ambitions and broken dreams in this coming-of-age drama that explores sexual health, relationships, and family issues.

Nairobi Half-Life

Young Mwas leaves his rural home in Kenya and sets out for the capital Nairobi. Here, he is determined to succeed as an actor despite his family’s misgivings. He quickly learns that there is more to Nairobi than just opportunities and glamour.


A university student looks for a way to make quick and easy money and finds out that it’s not as easy as he imagined. He commits petty crimes to keep up with his peers, and then he ends up falling in with violent extremists.

Morning After

A twenty-one-year-old promiscuous boy goes through the longest morning of his life. While in bed, he discovers that his staunch Christian mother has washed the clothes of a girl he sneaked home for a one-night stand.

Super Modo

Terminal illness threatened the life of a young girl with a dream of becoming a superhero. She inspires her village to rally together to make her dream come true.

40 Sticks

A group of prisoners trapped in a crashed prison bus strives to stay alive when they realize a mysterious killer is lurking in the shadows.

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