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Reasons for the Recent Price Increase of Ethereum

Reasons for the Recent Price Increase of Ethereum - Partner Content

The crypto market is expanding, and many new investors are venturing into it. Hence, if you plan to invest in it, you should know the contributing factor to the price variation. There are different cryptos in the market, and Ethereum is a popular option. If you are considering learning about Bitcoin, here’s everything you need to know about Bitcoin dominance.

Ethereum’s potential for use is enormous. Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that can construct multifunctional Distributed Applications (Apps) and smart contracts that operate independently and securely without needing a trusted third party.

The demand for ether, the cryptocurrency that powers the Ethereum network, has surged as its use has spread among programmers. Developers are increasingly doing more work as firms and businesses investigate the potential of decentralized ledger technology. Developers on the Ethereum network can accept Ether as payment from customers who use the network’s services. It also incentivizes programmers who want to create and deploy programs over the network.

Many large companies and tech firms use Ethereum as the foundation for their proprietary blockchain prototypes. It is linked to firms including Microsoft (MSFT), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Intel (INTC), and Bank of New York Mellon (BK). Interest and enthusiasm have been sparked in the Ethereum community by the recent growth of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance from its first creation in February 2017 to its current membership of 116.

Towards the end of 2017, the Ethereum community can expect to see the Ethereum network transition. The shift will be from a proof-of-work consensus algorithm, Casper, to a new one, Casper, based on a proof-of-stake mechanism. The latter offers advantages like improved security and reduced energy consumption. The fact that anyone with the main cryptocurrency (ether) may act as a validator may help to explain its popularity.

How much higher do Ethereum and Ether now stand?

When Ethereum first went live in 2015, one Ether (ETH) cost only $0.311. This year it has risen to $2,930 and was close to $5,000 the year before.

Why, in the year 2022, is Ethereum so well-liked?

Ethereum is a programmable blockchain, a software network that enables the development of new tools, applications, DeFi, smart contracts, and NFTs; Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a decentralized digital currency.

The Rise of Ethereum and Why It Has Been So Successful

There is no doubting the significant growth of bitcoin investment over the past few years. It may have begun with Bitcoin, but investors are increasingly interested in other digital currencies. 

Explain Ethereum.

The starting point must necessarily be an explanation of what Ethereum is. Many would agree that Ethereum’s purpose is to be a better and more advanced version of Bitcoin than the original and that it succeeds in this goal. Ethereum was developed with the inclusion of smart contracts as a primary goal.

Ethereum’s blockchain is built with a Turing-complete programming language, allowing for simultaneous smart contract execution across all nodes to reach a verifiable agreement without needing a centralized legal system, judge, court, or other trusted third party. Ethereum finds multiple applications like trading and a development platform for decentralized application development. 

Now that you know what Ethereum is, let’s examine the five most important factors that have contributed to its meteoric rise in popularity:

1. DeFi

First, the extremely bullish trigger for Ethereum is DeFi. Users of DeFi may borrow from one another, lend to one another, and exchange assets directly with one another, all without going through traditional financial institutions. As a platform, it facilitates the discovery of novel ways to deliver value to customers across various industries and product types, including finance, retail, healthcare, and more.

2. The disinflationary supply

Ether’s rising star power can also be attributed to the disinflationary supply it provides. Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation and a haven asset due to its limited quantity of 21 million coins. Thus, the illusion of scarcity contributes to price fluctuation.

3. The capacity to scale and move quickly

Ethereum stands out from Bitcoin in two key respects. Between 10 and 15 seconds is typical for a block to be processed on Ethereum. Further, a Bitcoin transaction takes about 40 minutes to complete, whereas an Ether transaction takes about five minutes.

4. Staked proof-of-work model 

For example, Ethereum’s success may be attributed partly to the protocol’s Proof-of-stake design. 

5. Ethereum enables a novel form of interconnection.

For the first time, Ethereum can be seen as a backbone that can alter the course of the tech and banking industries.


The Ethereum platform has the potential to revolutionize not just the securities market but also mortgage and title transfers shortly. In addition, this will occur through a network accessible to everyone with a public Internet connection, regardless of location.

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