Airtel Kenya Introduces eSIM, Check Compatibility and Activation

Airtel eSIM Kenya
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Airtel Kenya just launched eSIM, the technology that replaces traditional SIM cards. The eSIM is a digital SIM that provides many benefits over traditional SIM cards. These include quick and simple online setup, eco-friendliness, and an easy extra line that allows you to use two numbers without needing two phones.

Airtel Kenya Introduces eSIM

Safaricom, Airtel’s biggest competitor in Kenya, already launched eSIM technology for its customers. This was after Faiba became the first operator to offer eSIM support. Despite Airtel’s late entry, its launch of eSIMs is expected to bring more competition to the market.

The eSIM capabilities offer customers more options for digital convenience and technological innovation. It is also very convenient for frequent travelers who need to switch network operators.

“With the introduction of eSIM in Kenya, Airtel continues to stay ahead of the curve where innovation is concerned by giving customers much convenience and flexibility while championing technological advancement and creating innovative platforms and opportunities that will make life simple.” Airtel Africa Group CEO, Segun Ogunsanya during the launch.

With both Airtel and Safaricom offering eSIM technology, Telkom should show up too if it wants to remain competitive and meet customer expectations.

Soon, Airtel is also playing catch up for 5G service delivery to its customers in Kenya. It has been a few months since the availability of 5G Wi-Fi from Safaricom, complementing its growing fibre network.

Airtel is planning to take it even a bit slower. Only high-income neighbourhoods the capital will get it first, given their purchasing power.

To activate your eSIM on Airtel’s network, dial *#06# to confirm your device’s compatibility, get the QR code, and guidance through the SIM Swap process by an Airtel service representative. Alternatively, visit any Airtel shop, and the customer care representative will guide you through the eSIM setup process.

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