Kipchoge and Technology- Gadgets that help the Greatest Marathoner train

Eliud Kipchoge training technology

Eliud Kipchoge is a name that needs no introduction in the marathon world. The Kenyan runner has cemented himself as one of the greatest marathoners of all time. He has world records in several marathons and is the first person to do a sub-two-hour marathon.

Kipchoge has a training regimen so intense and demanding, and he has credited his success to his disciplined approach. 

Kipchoge and Technology- Gadgets for the Greatest Marathoner

According to a recent interview with Safaricom newsroom, Eliud Kipchoge credited technology as playing a significant role in his success.

“Technology has played a huge role in my success by giving the whole data of what’s going on in my body, from glucose to the heartbeat and to the general wellness of the body.”

Further, he stated that this data helps him understand where he needed to push and explore in his training. The variety of gadgets, apps, and software around him enables him to concentrate and know what he is doing every day.

Here are some he currently uses.

Smartwatch: COROS Limited Edition Pace 2 (Eliud Kipchoge)

Only 15 in the UK, this is the Eliud Kipchoge limited edition Coros Pace 2.

The PACE features a built-in heart rate monitor that records while running. It features advanced training analysis and data metrics such as cadence, stride length, and pace.

It retails at KES 34,000.


This is designed to provide advanced running analytics for athletes.

It is clipped vertically to the waist in the center of the back and sends real-time data to the watch, such as stride ratio, height and length, ground time, and left/right balance. This enables faster correction during training.

The COROS POD retails at KES 10,000.

Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor

Image: Abbott

This gadget offers streaming glucose data with a dynamic range of 55 – 200 mg/dL for performance athletes to monitor their glucose levels. It is specifically designed for sports use.

The biosensor is designed to provide a glucose-monitoring experience that will enable athletes to understand the efficacy of their nutrition choices during training and competition.

It, therefore, informs athletes about how to fuel appropriately, fill their glycogen stores before a race, and know when to replenish during a race to maintain athletic performance.

REMINDER: Technology is just a facilitator in the face of the overwhelming success that is anchored in sheer hard work and discipline that is at the core of long-distance running. And of Kipchoge it goes without saying-What a beast!

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