Take Better Smartphone Photos With These Tips And Tricks

Take Better Smartphone Photos
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Smartphone cameras have evolved into the most important cameras around, with companies upgrading the photo resolution, adding more lenses and beefing up phone storage to keep you taking photos without the fear of filling your storage too fast. As a smartphone owner, you have snapped a number of photos yourself. You pull out your phone and push a button. However, if you want to really treasure the phone snaps, you take better smartphone photos with these tips and tricks.

Clean your lens

Notice your photos are a bit blurry? This is a common issue among many phone cameras. With smartphones being placed in various random areas like a bag or the counter, the lens is prone to easily gathering dirt. Make sure you wipe the dirt or marks before taking a photo.

Wiping the lens with any clothing might get the job done but, using coarse materials like a cotton shirt could damage the lens over time. Use a soft material like a microfiber cloth to clean any dirt off your camera lens.

Adjust focus and exposure

Many smartphone cameras come with advanced camera settings which gives you control over features like the focus and exposure of your shot. It is better to manual focus on your subject. This is usually done by tapping on the screen at the point where you want the camera to focus.

There are smartphones that have the face recognition option where it automatically focuses on faces which helps avoid shots of peoples’ faces being blurry.

For exposure, this is the amount of light that is allowed into the frame. To adjust this setting, tap and hold on the screen then adjust via the slider that shows on the screen.


Lighting is a key factor when it comes to taking photos. It’s best to make use of natural light -artificial light is okay too, and avoid using the phone’s in built flash which could give less than impressive results. Position your subject where the front is facing the source of light. Having the subject against the light will make the photo background extremely lit.

Be Steady

Taking a photo when steady will give you much better results. Many smartphones offer optical image stabilization and AI correction for hand shaking, being stable is the best thing to do. However, if you have a tripod, the better. The tripod beats using the hand with it’s steadiness and gives an amazing range of new techniques and photography styles like long exposure, time-lapse, and many others.

Don’t use in-app cameras

If you want to take a great photo, avoid using app cameras. To experiment, compare taking a photo using the default camera app and a random app camera. There are many features missing in the random application that the default camera offers. To take photos like a pro, you need to take the photo with the regular camera, make edits and share the picture perfect image on your socials.

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