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Current Banking App Adds Cryptocurrency Trading

Current Banking App Adds Cryptocurrency Trading - Gadgets Africa partner content

The trend of Cryptocurrency is everything at present. Investors now prefer Crypto trading over traditional assets. Many brands are starting to accept it as a payment mode. In the initial days of the Crypto market, people had to go through a long list of platforms for transactions. To start trading bitcoin, create an account on a well-known website like Bitcoin Loophole.

But now, many platforms are making these transactions very easy. With Coinbase and other FinTech offerings, Crypto trading has become quite easy. A fresh example of this is Current. In this platform itself, you can now sell or buy Crypto assets. This feature will help Crypto enthusiasts and investors out there. 

More On This Step By Current

In recent times, Current has launched its new platform for Cryptocurrency. This is powered with the help of Zero Hash. For the time being, this platform will support around 27 digital assets. These assets include Bitcoin, Solana, Shibu Inu, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. 

You can buy these digital assets if you have an existing account with a balance on this platform. All these coins have promises of high returns, and you can trade them on Current now. 

Also, you can sell digital assets through the platform. After selling these digital currencies, the amount will be added to your account. And you can spend them on your transactions. But you cannot make any transfers from external wallets. This option is not yet available on the platform. Also, there are zero charges on trading on Current at present. 

What Does Current Say On This Matter 

Current states in a blog that, at the current time, money is modifying. It may be in terms of usage, functions, and much more. The team wants to help the users with this system. They believe everyone should have the right to benefit from the opportunities. 

Also, people should know the right tools to grow their money. With all these factors in focus, they are trying to make Crypto trading and transactions accessible to all. For this, they introduced this system on Current’s platform. They say that they are creating the future of money and banking. 

Crypto trading is a fresh addition to their platform. Also, there have been some major updates in the system. In January, FinTech firms brought a new feature called Savings Pod. You can earn 4% APY on around 2,000 USD in every savings pod. 

Again in April, the company announced another update. This is a premium tier, and it is free for all users. You can avail of the benefits free of cost, while it was 5 USD before. At present, the platform has been capable of raising around 400 million USD from investors. It holds the second position after Chime in the US. 

Addition Of Crypto Trading On The Platforms

Crypto trading is now way more popular than ever. Enthusiasts are quite excited about Crypto’s addition to Current’s app. And, the fam base of Cryptocurrency is more on a younger scale. So, adding Crypto to the app is a strategic decision.

Many brands are approving Crypto payments to reach more audiences. All of these factors reflect that the decision of Current is exact and on point. For this feature, it is now in the second position of neobanks in the US. It is just after Chime, which falls in a similar category of neobanks.


Currently has more young users in comparison to others. Adding the option of Cryptocurrency trading on this platform has been on the right track. It seems like the users were waiting for this feature, and it is here now. 

Also, the inclusion of this feature is perfect because the users will not be asked to make any transfers between accounts. To buy or sell Crypto on this platform, you do not have to make any transfers from this platform to another. But, professional traders may be a bit disappointed with the app. This is because there are no high-level secured wallets on Current. And it is a negative point for the platform. 

Despite the growing interest of investors in this market, the new feature of Current is sure to be a success.

Cover photo by Bastian Riccardi on Unsplash

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