How To Record And View Your PlayStation4 Gameplay

record playstation 4 gameplay
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Imagine you’re playing your favourite game on PlayStation 4 and putting on one heck of a performance. How will you ensure that you revisit your amazing performance and not only tell but show your friends how you were able to pull it off? I mean, no face no case, right? The answer is simple, you need to record your PlayStation 4 gameplay.

Recording and sharing gameplay on PlayStation 4 is easy. It’s possible to record your PlayStation 4 gameplay right from the console with no extra hardware required.

How to capture screenshots on PlayStation 4 consoles

You can save a screenshot of your gameplay in either of these 3 ways:

  • Press and hold the SHARE button on your controller.
  • Press the SHARE button, and then press the triangle button.
  • Press the SHARE button, and then select Save Screenshot.

How to record video clips on PlayStation 4 consoles

In case you were gaming and had an epic moment that you didn’t record, don’t worry. Video of the most recent 15 minutes of gameplay is continuously and automatically recorded.

You can save a video clip of your gameplay in the following ways:

  • Press the SHARE button twice to start recording and then press the SHARE button twice to stop recording.
  • Press the SHARE button, and then select Save Video Clip.

How to view your saved video clips and screenshots

  • Select Capture Gallery from the content area.
  • Press the OPTIONS button on your controller to sort your media by name or date, and delete video clips or screenshots. You can also copy video clips and screenshots to a USB storage device.

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