Top Kenyan Movies and Series to Watch on Showmax Kenya this Weekend

Showmax Kenya

It’s the weekend, and I am always hunting for my next best watch. Showmax Kenya is your plug for most of the African content not available on other streaming platforms. Since it is possible to be spoilt for choice when perusing, I went through the trouble on your behalf.

Top Kenyan Movies and Series to Watch on Showmax Kenya

County 49

County 49 follows the political intrigues of the fictional Bwatele County, Kenya’s 49th county and the nation’s breadbasket. Despite the county’s wealth, its citizens are suffering from the high cost of living and scarce resources.
Now against the backdrop of great civilian discontent, a disgraced security officer is compelled to save the new governor and her chief of staff – his estranged wife – from a local terrorist group.


Set against the backdrop of Nairobi’s fashion industry and the money laundering business, Igiza is a story of revenge between twin sisters Linda and Nicole. Twelve years into serving time, Nicole breaks out of prison and takes the place of her identical twin sister Linda, who framed her.

Crime and Justice

Detectives Silas and Makena safeguard the streets of Nairobi. Dealing with all manner of crime, they must learn to trust each other’s instincts in the pursuit of justice. Along the way, the series exposes bias and other weaknesses in the police and the judicial systems.


Famous follows three young artists – Nyota, Magic and Nikita – as they navigate the intricate music industry in Nairobi.

In this glamorous yet brutal world, Nyota struggles to rise to stardom as she battles to overcome her sordid past. Magic, a renowned rapper and producer who has gained notoriety for his fast life and wealth, tries to take his empire to the top with his number one artist, Nikita, whose successful career is threatened by new scandals and a desire for even bigger things.

Njoro Wa Uba

After losing his job in a banking scandal, Njoro starts driving a taxi to provide for his daughter and to manage his legal fees. Through his journey, he discovers the real Nairobi and sees how his lies have affected its people.

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