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Games You Can Play On An Old Laptop

Games You Can Play On An Old Laptop - Gadgets Africa

Although we often discuss the best graphics cards and how to play games on the maximum settings, there are occasions when this is not possible. For this reason, it’s wonderful to have a collection of entertaining games that won’t overheat our computers.

It’s fortunate that many classic games and several independent releases from recent years run well on budget desktops and laptops with integrated graphics processing units (GPUs). Exploring Steam or another PC gaming site in search of an enjoyable game that won’t put a strain on your hardware may be a drag and last hours if your laptop is not cooperating. Thus, we have produced a list of 6 excellent games that we can confidently say will run even on the laggiest laptops.

Half-Life 2

If you’re a PC gamer and you haven’t played Half-Life 2, you’re not serious about the hobby. First-person shooter games may thank Half-Life 2 for the popularity of the genre. As video games go, Half-Life 2 is about as near as you can get to perfection.

This game has it all: an exciting plot, superb gameplay, challenging puzzles, powerful gravity weapons, and more. While Half-Life 2 is rather dated, it is still a fantastic experience. This game doesn’t require much RAM to run well, nor the best graphic card on the market.

They Are Billions

I mean, come on, who doesn’t like a good zombie apocalypse? Some three centuries after an unknown virus ravaged mankind, players in this tower defense RTS face off against hordes of zombies. Exactly what transpired? Search for newspapers and get up clues as you play. The game offers a survival mode, a campaign mode, and numerous weekly and user-created challenge maps.

The game is easy to master on the lowest difficulty, but if you play on the hardest setting, it becomes so tough that all you can do is chuckle at your own expense. It doesn’t require much computer power making it perfect for even the most run-down laptops. Remember, one wayward zombie may wreck everything… But they are billions. 

Blood: Fresh Supply

Before they made Shadow of War, Monolith Productions had made several extremely iconic shooters. The first instalment of Blood Games was a hit, and it even spawned a comic book adaptation in South Korea.

Night Dive Studios, a remastering studio, just brought Blood back to life with updated visuals, a co-op option, Vulkan support, compatibility with newer systems, and a complete 3D appearance. However, it can still function on a potato, so Blood: Fresh Supply is an inexpensive way to indulge in some nostalgia.

Online Slots

Playing slots is easy. There are many different kinds of slots, and they are extremely entertaining. Plus, even on the worst laptop models, you can access online casino real money games such as online slots. With some luck, they may provide a great win. All you need is the know-how to choose the right titles. 

Slot machines have consistently been the casinos’ biggest moneymakers. Since the introduction of the first slot machine. They’ve evolved throughout the years to suit the tastes of today’s players. A plethora of slot machine variants have emerged, plus there are so many different game themes you can choose from – from slots inspired by Egypt to those bearing the names of your favorite comics and movies.

Both renditions of Star Wars: Rebel Assault

The question is whether or not these Star Wars games from 1993 and 1995 hold up well now. Not at all, really. Nonetheless, they have just been re-released, making them playable on contemporary personal computers. The computerized live-action video is great fun and will be a huge throwback for certain generations of gamers. The beautiful thing about video games that are 25 years old is that they can be played relatively easily on low-end hardware.

Untitled Goose Game

A more contemporary release is Untitled Goose Game, published by independent studio Panic Inc. Players take on the character of a nagging citizen – the goose. Each town sector has its unique set of objectives, such as stealing goods or convincing the locals to do your bidding. Developer House House has said that Mario 64 and the Hitman series served as inspiration for the game’s blend of stealth and puzzle features.

It’s easy to overlook this game because of its low-resolution visuals, but the gameplay is entertaining and lighthearted enough to recommend it even on older hardware. The only significant drawback is that it is much too short. It takes the average player only a few hours to finish.


DISCLAIMER: This article is sponsored and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

Cover photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

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