5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Digital Planning

digital planning

Regardless of what you are doing for your work or school, it’s likely that you need a way to keep yourself organized and manage your schedule. Using a planner will help you achieve a sense of control over many aspects of your life. However, using paper planners is not the most efficient way to plan yourself. Here’s where digital planning comes in.

What is Digital Planning?

Digital planning is simply a form of planning that is done digitally.

Most people think that digital planning is nothing like paper planning. However, it’s almost like paper planners but with perks. If you are wondering ‘Why should I use a digital planner?’, here are 5 reasons why you should consider digital planning.


Digital planners are less wasteful than paper planners in the sense that you don’t have to use lots of paper which is not good for the environment. Paper planners, once it’s used up, have to be thrown away unlike digital planners where you can use the same plan over and over again.

No Bulk

If you are the type who owns planners for every aspect of your life eg. personal, work or side business, it could get bulky having to move around with the planners in your bag. With digital planning, you get to ditch the bulk and give your shoulders a break. You can import and sync the planners to the device you wish to use.

Cost Effective

Paper planners may seem cheap. Say you spend KES 2,500 for a paper planner for the year and compare a one-time purchase for a digital planner of the same planner. With the paper planner, you have to buy a new one each year compared to the digital planner which you can reuse over and over again, technically forever. Sounds like a win.

You could also make your FREE digital planner that you can make to your liking.

Easy Backup

Paper is fragile and can easily get wet, ripped or lost with no way of having a backup unless you duplicated the notes to a separate notebook. Tedious, right?

A digital planner can have several backups online all done automatically for you. In case something happens to your device, you can get a copy of your planner from the cloud.


You may feel that your planner layout doesn’t match your aesthetic. The digital planner gives you permission to edit your planner and completely customize it and let go of what is not working for you by simply erasing that part of the planner.

If you like to colour code and use different inserts, then a digital planner will make your planning journey much more enjoyable.

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