Kenya Terribly Lags Behind in Latest Global Internet Performance Ranking

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Ookla, the company concerned with global network intelligence testing and analysis, has released its 2022 third-quarter internet performance report on the state of Kenya’s mobile and fixed network. Speedtest Global Index Market Analyses are used to identify key data about internet performance in countries across the world.

Remember, internet rankings on the Speedtest Global Index are now based on median download speeds. They say it is to best reflect the speeds a user is likely to achieve in a market. 

Let us see what the performance looked like for Kenya for 2022 Q3.

Mobile Internet 

Kenya ranked 108 globally in mobile internet connectivity. The position is informed by the following averages

  • 16.92Mbps download speeds 
  • 9.12Mbps upload speeds 
  • 29ms in latency (a measure of delay)

In mobile operator performance, Safaricom delivered the fastest median download speed at 22.19 Mbps. 

In measuring the consistency of each operator’s performance, there was no statistical winner for Consistency in Kenya during Q3 2022. This was also the same for performance on the fastest phones in Kenya. However, if you want a phone whose internet speeds are the top, you can bet it is a new generation iPhone.


On matters of delay, Faiba registered the lowest median multi-server latency in Kenya at 32 ms.

Kisumu showed the fastest median mobile download speed among Kenya’s most populous cities in this category.

Fixed Broadband

Kenya continues to lag in Fixed Broadband, worse than mobile internet. The ranking for Q3 2022 is position 155, recording a meager average of 8.92Mbps in download speeds. In comparison, global performance is at 71.39Mbps.

Just like the past two quarters, Faiba delivered the fastest median download speed at 25.66 Mbps. Faiba also had the lowest latency and the most consistent internet experience.

Mombasa takes over from Kisumu in Kenya’s fixed broadband speeds ranking. Results show that Mombasa had the fastest median download speed during Q3 2022 at 12.99 Mbps.

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