Canva Crosses 100 Million Users! Here’s 5 Tips To Help You Get Started

canva 100 million

Canva, the graphic design platform has hit a great milestone. It has reached more than 100 million monthly users. The users span more than 190 different countries globally, with more than 200 designs being created every second. For comparison, it’s nearly four times more than Adobe users and approximately 1% of the world’s population. The growth surge follows the recent launch of Canva’s Visual Worksite, with the platform gaining more than 15 million additional monthly active users as teams, schools and workplaces embrace the ability to communicate visually, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Why is Canva so popular?

Canva, compared to other graphic design platforms, is very easy to use. This greatly contributes to the platform’s popularity. You don’t need to have any background in design whatsoever to use it.

Canva has many features that you can use like a variety of templates and design tools that can help be creative and create your design as per your requirements. It is one of the best tools for creative designs.

How to use Canva
  • Choose a template

Canva offers a wide variety of templates from media kits, presentations, CVs and even invitations. You can use these templates even if you create your design using a custom template. This makes working with the tool very easy.

  • Use the editor to modify your design

There are several editing tools at your disposal. For this, you need to be familiar with the editing pane available on the design page where you can choose the types of edits you want to make for your project like photos, elements, text, background etc.

  • Use resources to help you design better

Several resources can help you design what you need to convey: images, graphics and more. Research and explore to find out which components help communicate your vision best.

  • Download your project

Once you’re done with your design, it’s time to download it. You can choose the format you would want to export your design in such as jpg, pdf, mp4 and more.

  • Share your creation

You can now share your project on social media or other communication platforms.

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