Check Out These Top 5 Mobile Apps Every Writer Needs

Apps Writers Needs

We all have to do writing at some point in our lives. Regardless of your preferences, here are some top 5 mobile apps every writer needs.

Top 5 Mobile Apps Every Writer Needs

Google drive.

Google Docs is a great choice as a word processor. It has everything you need to write and integrates with other aspects of Google to help you plan things out. But if you’re not a Google Docs fan you can also use google drive. Google Drive is one of the easiest ways to have all of your work in one place. Google Docs has an autosave feature that instantly syncs to all devices, which helps if you switch regularly from computer to phone.


Grammarly is an excellent tool for correcting mistakes when writing. Mistakes such as extra spaces, missing articles, verb tense agreement errors, spelling, punctuation, and more are highlighted for you to check and correct at the click of a button. Not only are they highlighted, but they are also colour-coded according to the following alerts: Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery. This method of organization makes understanding your mistakes easier.


The writer is one of the best apps for authors who are struggling with their creativity and need some assistance in generating ideas. It is a free Android writing app. The app is fantastic for on-the-go editing and writing novels on a smartphone or a tablet. Writing is as essential as possible, making it easier for users to turn their thoughts into text.


Evernote has been around for many, many years and is one of the most popular options when it comes to choosing the best writing app. It can capture almost anything you find around the web or files you need to upload. That way, your inspiration, and notes are in the same place. There are even Evernote-compatible notebooks out there that can turn your writing into text with a simple picture on your smartphone.

Microsoft Word

With this app, you can create, view edit and share your documents with friends, colleagues, and family that could have been made with a PC no matter where you are. You can also have it on your smartphone.

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