GTA 6 Gameplay Leaked Online, It Reveals Alot Of Details

gta 6 leaked

Rockstar’s next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), has been leaked online. A user on GTAForums by the name ‘teapotuberhacker’, who claimed to be behind the Uber hack last week, posted 90 videos they claimed from a test build of Grand Theft Auto 6. It’s not known how the footage was obtained but it could offer us our best look yet at the game.

Screenshots and clips from these videos are doing massive rounds on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and many gaming forums online they showcase the details of the GTA 6 leak which suggests that the game will have multiple playable characters, including a female character, set in a Vice City setting. Robberies, gunplay, and fully voiced conversations are also shown.

The leak has been confirmed by Jason Schreier, Bloomberg reporter, who said:

‘Not that there was much doubt, but I’ve confirmed with Rockstar sources that this weekend’s massive Grand Theft Auto VI leak is indeed real. The footage is early and unfinished, of course. This is one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games.’

It’s worth noting that the videos show an older build which could indicate that the development of the game has been happening for years now. Rockstar rolled the credits from GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online on it’s website with the title page ‘Thank You’, which many took as a sign that it was winding down development on the fifth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, to focus more on the forthcoming sixth installment.

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