Fix It With Dorris: How To Fix A Phone Not Showing Incoming Calls

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You are possibly here because your phone is not displaying incoming calls and sometimes you only hear your ringtone and a missed call. Well, Doris has a few fixes for you.

Restart the phone

Before you touch any setting that will complicate your settings, press the restart button. It is advisable to do the normal restart rather than hard restarting (rebooting) your phone. When you restart your phone, 90% of the cache automatically clears itself freeing the memory.

Turn on Call notifications

There could be a possibility that you accidentally activated the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode disabled your call notifications and you need to turn them on. To turn them on you will go to Settings>Apps>Phone Services/Call management/ phone>Notifications>Activate the ‘Allow notifications toggle’

For other phones, each notification type is separated and you can customize each to your liking.

Allow permissions

Settings>Apps>Phone Services/Call management/ phone>Permissions>

All the permissions that might be required by the app will be listed there you can allow them all.For some other phones, you will have to allow “Display over other apps.”

Clear cache

In case of step 1 fails to solve the problem, you can then now manually clear the cache. Follow the following steps.

Go to Settings>Apps>phone services/phone/call manager>Storage>Clear cache

This should relieve the call manager’s memory.

Clear Data

This step should only occur when you have tried all the above solutions and they have failed. This is because it permanently clears all the data in your phone manager data including your call history and will reset your phone app settings.

Go to Settings>Apps>phone services/phone/call manager>Storage>Clear data/Storage.


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