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From “Bully and Miss Mandy”, To 4AM at Omoke’s: 2022 Best Internet Moments and Memes

Memes and moments

We need a moments and memes calendar on the internet. Particularly on Twitter, each day is full of drama, moments, and fire memes.

From videos to comments to ‘tea’, here are a few of my best.

If any of these offend you on a personal level, well…oops!

2022 Best Internet Moments and Memes

Bully and Miss Mandy

My workmates really wanted this to read like “Billy and Mandy”, so I had to oblige. Anyway, to the actual story.

A former Capital FM presenter and YouTuber named Mandi Sarro found herself on the wrong side of the Twittersphere in January. Mandi had been called out by a former colleague for being a bully and making his life unbearable at the workplace. Miss Mandi would allegedly even laugh at her colleague because he couldn’t afford to order fancy food for lunch.

Kenyan on Twitter-KOT-has a field day with the memes and reactions.

Miss Mandi apologised, but a bit too late into KOT’s “cancellation” efforts.

4am at Omoke’s

GK Nyambura, a content creator in Kenya, trended in a viral video where she is screaming at her ex’s house at 4am. Omoke, the ex, filmed GK and shared it on his social media pages. In her defence,  she claimed she was there to pick up her clothes.

Yeah right… haha.

In fact, there is a song called 4am at Omoke’s that’s out there with her screaming as the sample.


A Kenyan man went viral in April with his funny pronunciation of the “Password”. The incident occurred during a TV report where another Kenyan was discussing a Password issue in an election primary.

One guy kept accentuating “password” every time it was mentioned, in a Luo accent. Passwaaaad! He would occasionally shout.

He secured his slot in the memes and stickers going around this year.

Freshi Barida

Since Kenyan musician Stivo Simple Boy entered the scene, he has his place safe in the meme calender. Naturally, Simple Boy has a way of saying the most catchy and amusing statements in interviews. Freshi Barida is a slogan that originated from an interview Stivo did.

Later, he did a song by the same name and trademarked the slogan too. Now, he has a beverage coming out with the same name!

Shawwry For The Forest

Sheng’ (Swahili/English slang) has evolved so much it has its own branches. From Eastlands to Muthaiga, there are a couple of variants depending on the environment you grew up in.

In a random video interview, someone quizzed a young man on various issues, including on the Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai. His one job? Say her name. His answer? The shawrry (lady) for the forest. Gen Z!

Ombachi Swimming Lessons

Kenyan rugby star and food content creator Dennis Ombachi recently shared a video of him throwing his son into a swimming pool. The video sparked mixed reactions from Kenyanns, many wondering why Ombachi was torturing the baby.

Ombachi revealed his son had been taking water safety classes, and he wanted to see if he has learnt anything. If this is how it’s done, though, it’s no wonder I cannot swim yet.

Kata Sim Kata Sim, Tupo Site!

This is the latest craze on Kenyan social media. It is a challenge series on TikTok, a popular sound on Instagram, and in your friends’ captions. Translated, it’s a person telling another over the phone to disconnect the call because they are already at the “site”.

Kata Sim Kata Sim, Tupo Site! Of course I had to look for the original video.

There are more, and we are only halfway through the year. So, I will update this article as the year goes on. Keep checking back !

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