Visa Partners With Absa Allowing Users To Transact Globally, Instantly


Today Visa and Absa are unveiling a first for them. A send money solution that should ideally make transactions easier and faster and give a better banking experience.

Visa X Absa: Send Money Anywhere Instantly

The Corona period had it’s downsides but saw a rise and fast migration to electronic transactions. Now Absa have partnered with Visa to tap into this market with a send money solution.

You can use this to pay for goods instantly around the world or send money to anyone. To send money, all you have to do is

  • download the app
  • Dial in the name and card number of the recipient. (You can also send to a phone number or in some cases an email)
  • Add them as a beneficiary
  • Send money instantly and globally directly to their account

The app should let you make QR payments, pay for education, trade and so much more. The app also includes tap to pay which looks really cool if you ask me.

Fun fact, through the app, you can turn off your card in a specific shop like Amazon so no one can shop without your permission.

Jeremy Awori, Absa MD, notes that this is the future of banking. The market is ready for harvest.

Much More to Come

Kenyans received 27 Billion in March and 42.2 Billion in April. Visa notes that the partnership with Absa is a huge step in the financial epitome of Africa.

With the new Global Pay Card with Safaricom Global Pay Card with Safaricom and this Send Money Option on Absa, Visa is clearly not joking around when it comes to transactions in Kenya.

This should hopefully make it easier to pay and get paid for services locally and all around the world. A serious step in the right direction. Try out the features on the app and tell us what you think.

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