5 Things You Need To Know Before Using Safaricom Visa M-Pesa GlobalPay Card


It’s finally happening! Safaricom and Visa have entered into a strategic partnership to offer M-PESA customers a virtual card. This channel will help you make payments globally and remit funds internationally to other Visa users.

Safaricom X Visa: GlobalPay Virtual Card on M-Pesa App

According to Safaricom customers will be able to shop globally using funds in their M-PESA wallets. They add that it will all be possible in a secure, seamless, and simple manner via a virtual card, known as M-PESA GlobalPay Virtual Visa Card.

What Will you Be Able To Do with The Card?

You will be able to make international payments on global sites e.g. Amazon, Netflix etc. Additionally, you can remit funds internationally to other Visa users.

How Do You Get The Card?

To get the virtual card, M-PESA customers will need to:

  • Download the M-PESA App from the Google play store or Apple store and activate the virtual card from the Global pay button.
  • You can also opt-in via *334#, select Lipa na M-PESA, and then select GlobalPay.
What You Need To Know About the Card
  • The card does not store balances but will mirror your M-PESA wallet balance.
  • For security purposes, the card transactions will be authenticated by a dynamic CVV (3-digit security number) that will be provided each time a customer wishes to transact. The dynamic CVV expires after 30 minutes.
  • The virtual visa card expires after 3 years but automatically becomes inactive after 6 months of no use.
  • The card can be used to pay only to international online merchants such as Netflix, Amazon etc. You cannot use the card to pay to local online merchants in Kenya e.g Jumia.
  • A customer can only have a maximum of one card linked with a unique customer ID.
  • M-PESA limits will apply i.e. the minimum transaction amount is Kes. 110 and the maximum transaction amount is
    Kes. 150,000. (NB: Minimum amount is dynamic and equivalent to $1 to ease settlement procedures.) The normal daily limit on M-PESA of Ksh 300,000 still applies.
  • The Safaricom customer mobile phone number will be linked to a 16-digit Primary Account Number (PAN) that is randomly generated.
  • Suspended cards will be cancelled when their expiry date is reached.
  • The Safaricom Visa M-PESA Card is customizable and can be designed to a user’s liking.

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    1. How can I withdraw money from the card to mpesa? Is it possible?

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