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Kenyatta University Students Caught In Bitcoin Scam

kenyatta university bitcoin scam

Police caught two Kenyatta University students in Nakuru in a bitcoin scam. The two were hacking people’s credit cards, buying Bitcoin with them, and converting them to Kenyan currency. crazy I know right?

Kenyatta University Bitcoin Scam

Francis Maina Wambui, alias ‘Nick’ (26), and Zellic Alusa (25) were arrested in the company of two ladies during a raid on Wednesday. They were in the lavish Milimani area in Nakuru where they run their operations.

The suspects have reportedly been creating fake email accounts which they use to hack credit cards of unsuspecting people. They target those living in foreign countries and then buy Bitcoin which they then converted to Kenyan currency.

Some of the items recovered during the raid include a

  • land sale agreement entered on May 25 for a property valued at KES 850,000 in Juja.
  • 5 laptops
  • 4 mobile phones
  • 2 WiFi gadgets
  • 3 hard drives
  • Assorted SIM cards which are all believed to be connected to their crime.

Obviously, Kenyans on Twitter had to comment when the news came buying Bitcoin with them, light.

β€œThe gang operating from houses in the affluent Milimani neighbourhood has been on our radar over the past few days and it was only a matter of time before our detectives smoked them out,” DCI said in a statement.

β€œIn the sophisticated crime that is gaining currency in the country, the students create fake email accounts which they use to hack credit cards of innocent persons, especially those living in foreign countries.”

They also note that Cyber forensic experts have since taken over investigations into the matter for a comprehensive analysis into the sophisticated crime,” DCI added.

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