YouTube Shorts Attracts 1.5 Billion Monthly Users, But For How Long?

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The TikTok clone version by YouTube Shorts, is gaining quite the popularity. I will have to admit, way more than I expected it would. YouTube has today announced that 1.5 Billion users are watching Shorts every month. This is just a few less of the 2 Billion users logging into YouTube every month.

Additionally, Shorts is reported to be generating 30 billion views per day.

YouTube Shorts Attracts 1.5 Billion Monthly Users

Therefore, TikTok is getting a super competitor in short-form content since Reels are barely matching up. One billion people use TikTok every month, TikTok announced in a blog post last year in October. Considering their popularity is not dwindling yet, the number should be just about the same figure as YouTube Shorts.

So the question is, for how long will YouTube Shorts maintain (or increase)popularity?

Probably for long…

This year, YouTube has been conducting a series of masterclasses, including in Kenya. In their latest, the Shorts team has tried to establish a personal relationship with creators. This comes as technical support, guidance, and a community of other content creators for collaboration. It is an approach I can predict to work, considering it is successful with other YouTube partner programs.

The money is also a factor. Last year, YouTube launched a $100 million Shorts fund that paid creators when they make popular videos. This year, they have promised creators to expect more.

“In the coming months, we’ll start to test other ways to make money on Shorts — like exploring new ways for Shorts creators to build branded content through BrandConnect, integrating fan-funded features like Super Chat into Shorts, and bringing the ability to shop directly from a Short.” YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan in a blog.

1.5 Billion monthly users is quite the number, eye-watering for advertising. YouTube is yet to place advertisements on YouTube Shorts content. To avoid falling into this trap, and getting annoying like the main YouTube, creativity will have to be on the max.

The trick here is to monetize Shorts in a way supports creators, but one that does not lose the viewers. Otherwise, their views will grow short, just like the name.

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