Badili Africa Extends Phone Warranty To 12 Months, Here Is What You Get

Badili phone warranty

Badili Africa has recently launched their e-commerce platform for refurbished phones. You can now get several pre-owned devices that they repair in their state-of-the-art facility to guarantee you a perfect working device.

One of the most important things included in the box with a Badili phone is the warranty. Badili offers every buyer a 12-month unlimited warranty, which is up from the 6-month period they were offering in the earlier days. This warranty offers you technical support with Badili technicians in the first year after purchase.

Here is what you need to know about it.


You should keep in mind that Badili does 30 quality checks before they consider a phone ready for market. These are spread across 4 categories;

Functional: Involves device usage and day-to-day operation features. From the speaker test to the quality of pixels, everything is considered.

Battery Health: The battery state of health is examined to ensure you are buying a phone with the best battery possible.

Device Information: Data from the phone manufacturer like the Serial number and the IMEI number are confirmed to be present. I like this since it comes in handy in many situations including claiming the device warranty.

Cosmetics: Appearance-related features are also examined at full-scale. It is an important step if a customer is to get minimal first glance scratches or dents on refurbished phone.  That ‘Good As New’ promise begins here.

Warranty Registration

You can register your Badili refurbished device online and view your warranty details anytime. The process is quick, with few details to fill out.  Apart from your name and email, all you have to do is upload your purchase receipt and fill out the location and date of purchase.

Warranty Claim

There is a separate tab where you can use device IMEI to verify and request warranty support for your phone. A most important detail to note is that the warranty covers your phone fully for all factory defects and software issues, thus no labor charges. You only pay for the parts (hardware) cost in case of an issue.

Unboxing a refurbished phone bought from Badili presents you with the device and necessary accessories. The box contains a phone, charger head, USB Cable, a Thank You Note, and a screen protector as a gift (for specific models).

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  2. Hi i need Camon 18 pro refurbished one

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