Kenya Power Is Ready To Provide Fixed and Affordable Internet Services

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Electricity utility company Kenya Power is aspiring to become one of Kenya’s biggest internet service providers. The company plans to offer business customers internet and electricity as a bundle. This will be after running pilot tests with larger power users .

Statistics show that Kenya Power had 8.59 million customers by December 2021, including small businesses and big industrial customers. The Communications Authority says that the fixed internet market is untapped, which can offer new revenue opportunities.

“We will provide our corporate sector customers with a bundled service of electricity and internet,” Kenya Power told the Business Daily. “Kenya Power will leverage on our vast network to tap into the market…we will offer the corporates the option of using our internet for their primary use or redundancy.”

In case there are concerns about delivery, it’s good to note that they have been in this business for a while. They already lease fiber-optic cables attached to their transmission lines to internet service providers. Additionally, ISPs have been using Kenya Power’s expansive power transmission network to reduce the costs involved in the laying of cables.

Kenya power says it has a three-year projection to deliver internet to homes, with its primary target being rural homes. As they already have a robust transmission network in rural Kenya, that is an assured low cost of entry. They also plan to offer affordable packages to gain market share.

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