You Can Now Stream Showmax For 50MB Per Hour, Here Is How


Showmax is giving its subscribers control over how much data they use. You can now stream Showmax for less data with the just-launched Max Data Saving mode that uses 50MB per hour.

The move follows the earlier introduction of Low and Data Savings modes. These ones use up to 300MB and 100MB per hour respectively. In comparison, the Maximum Quality setting, which gives you the best possible picture, uses up to 1.4GB per hour.

Showmax is designed for Africa: a mobile-first continent where the cost of data remains a barrier to streaming,” says Barry Dubovsky, chief operating officer, MultiChoice Connected Video.

“Showmax was the first streaming service in Africa to make mobile downloads possible for offline viewing and the first to launch a mobile-only plan, so we want to keep tailor-making Showmax for African realities.”

To toggle your data modes, go to Settings – App Preferences in your iOS mobile Showmax app, and set the video quality for both Wi-Fi and cellular. Alternatively, after you press play, click the Video Quality wheel icon below the video to set the quality that is best for you.

This Showmax 50MB per hour (Max Data Saving mode)  feature is currently available within the iOS mobile version of the Showmax app. Android users should expect it to be available soon as well.

Both Showmax and Showmax Pro are available on mobile-only plans, viewable on a single mobile device, for just Ksh 300 per month for Showmax Mobile and Ksh 1050 per month for Showmax Pro Mobile.

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